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OKAY construction is underway. There's a lot to do though and it's going to be sort of difficult to do because it requires system communication and we don't have much of that.

- figure out 'biomes' (aka rooms). dream wants to do super elaborate shit and have a whole subsection of the site called The Dreaming but babygirl i do NOT have the energy for that
- assign guardians, and the petz that represent them. so far i think it's Cid, Bardcat, Llewelyn, Blankie and Med, Mr Barley, and Fern. Then MAYBE Banana Custard, Baobab, Storyteller and Morpheus, Ukiuk, and Wilderness. We might also wait a while for some more customs from Mortis to see if Dream bonds with any of those.
- make simple icons for the main family page that people can click through to get to each baby
- make a page for each baby: Moshe, Little Bear, Bunnie, Larkspur, and Lo. maybe have icons/pictures of their favourite toyz/etc?

- put favourite pictures in the photo album...
- start the scrapbook for cliques, stamps, etc
- make the toybox pages: downloadable adoptions, toyz, maaybe clothes once we start making those

- make the links page, linking both to sites we've taken graphics/etc from, and other babyz sites

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